Healthcare Design 2017

In order to demonstrate a full-facility approach to healthcare,  Carolina and OFS Brands offered a variety of patient and public spaces within their Healthcare Design Conference space. These areas portray solutions for specific patient needs and industry trends, as well as introduce exciting new options in their furniture lines. 
Some of the new options include metal ferrules for Elani, for those who want both the comfort of wood and the durability of metal. They also include new Hug line options for bariatric and lounge needs. Furniture can dictate the feel of a space; for example, Elani, Hug, Kintra, Mile Marker, and Harpin create an open feel for patients to find community and connection, while Heya and Elani (with the shelter back) offer more privacy. 
Waiting spaces, frequently called “active waiting” spaces today, demand variability for differing guest needs. In contrast, patient spaces should stimulate positive relationships between physicians and patients that lead to great health discoveries. Furniture pieces like Modern Amenity Lite Recliner, Airus side chairs, Quickstacker light task chairs, Whisper Sleepover Bench, and the Saven rocker help craft environments of exploration and recovery. 
In fact, the Saven rocker won the Nightingale Innovation Award in seating for attentive details like height-adjustable armrests that offer comfort for nursing mothers. Healthcare Design Conference 2017 was a smashing success, and the team looks forward to next year in Phoenix, Arizona!