Inova Women's Hospital & Children's Hospital

One of the pre-eminent challenges in designing the Inova Women’s Hospital and Inova Children’s Hospital was to create distinct yet complementary identities for each of these institutions sharing the same newly constructed building. OFS Brands offers an extensive, proven line of modern furniture appropriate for a wide range of healthcare spaces from patient rooms to waiting areas to cafés. OFS Brands furniture became part of the design concept, helping the team effectively create the desired soothing, spa-like feel of the women’s areas and highlight the bright, playful motif in the pediatric spaces.

Location: Falls Church, Virginia
Designer: Wilmot Sanz, Inc.
Dealer: Interiors By Design
Photography: Halkin Mason Photography

Carolina: Basil, Basket, Commons, Embrace, Ice, Interlude, Modern Amenity, Retrospect, Reverie Sleepover and Orchestra

OFS: Flexxy and Carino
FirstOffice: STAKS Crossover, Applause and Boost
Loewenstein: Bistro and Custom Booths

Videos: Women's Hospital - Children's Hospital