OFS Brands offers an extensive program of graded-in textiles including fabric, leather, polyurethane and vinyl from the industries finest sources. Click below to search our carded programs.

OFS Brands is proud to offer programs with the following partners:

Arc-ComGreen Hides
ArchitexHelvetia Leather
CarnegieMayer Fabrics
CF StinsonMomentum

To expedite your order, OFS Brands will handle the purchase and receiving of textiles from these suppliers if you so choose. Click on the link below to search graded-in textiles.

Some of our textile vendors have made it easy to search their specific graded-in fabric selections. Click the links below to browser their collections.

OFS Brands offers the option for customers to send their own fabric for upholstery. COM orders will be scheduled and fulfilled after receipt of the COM.
OFS Brands, as a convenience to our customers, will purchase the fabric from the manufacturer and quote a price grade for this service. When fabric is purchased by OFS Brands, OFS Brands accepts no responsibility for the warranty of the fabric. OFS Brands will evaluate the fabric to determine if it is possible to use this type of fabric on our furniture, but this does not warrant or determine the performance of the fabric. Any warranty claims for these upholstery materials will fall to the original vendor of the fabric, not OFS Brands. With a broad spectrum of harsh cleaning agents used by facilities, OFS Brands recommends that the owner test each fabric selection with their specific cleaning methods before ordering.

OFS Brands will match all fabrics that require matching such as plaids, stripes or prints. Unless otherwise noted on the customer's purchase order, OFS Brands will apply textiles to upholstered items in the manner which we deem to be most appealing. OFS Brands takes no responsibility for the direction in which textiles are applied unless the desired direction is noted on the customer purchase order. OFS Brands reserves the right to reject textiles which we deem unsuitable for application on our products.
Although every effort is made to select covering materials for wearability as well as appeal, we CANNOT guarantee covers for wearability or colorfastness. We can extend only that guarantee which the supplier extends to us.

Multiple Upholstery Cover Application
Most items can be manufactured with a combination of covers i.e. vinyl and fabric, leather and fabric, etc. Multiple Cover Application option should be clearly indicated on the customer's purchase order. There is an additional charge for Multiple Upholstery Cover Applications.

Moisture Barrier
Moisture Barriers that are designed to prevent moisture from penetrating the foam and other filling materials are available on most Carolina products at an additional up-charge. Moisture barriers are applied between the upholstery cover and filling materials.

Cut Yardage Fabrics
Cut yardage from any OFS Brands textile partner may be purchased through OFS Brands. Contact Customer Service for cut yardage pricing.

Contact Customer Service for shipping information.